Improving Effectiveness of Knowledge Graph Generation Rule Creation and Execution

This is my PhD dissertation to obtain the degree of Doctor of Computer Science Engineering (Ghent University, 2019).

Advisors: prof. dr. ir. Ruben Verborgh and dr. Anastasia Dimou

My dissertation's main publication is this PDF, but to make it more accessible on the Web I created a (slimmed-down) HTML version too. The latter is the one you are reading now.

Additionally, the slides of my public defense can be found here.

Table of contents

Examination board

  • Dr. Anastasia Dimou (PhD advisor)
  • Prof. Ruben Verborgh (PhD advisor)
  • Prof. Filip De Turck (Chair)
  • Prof. Steven Verstockt (Secretary)
  • Prof. Erik Mannens
  • Prof. Oscar Corcho
  • Dr. Steffen Lohmann
  • Dr. Mariano Rodriguez-Muro