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Hello! My name is Pieter Heyvaert (he/him) and I'm a development lead, developer advocate, and diversity & inclusion ambassador at Ghent University - IDLab, imec. I obtained the degree of Doctor of Computer Science Engineering in 2019 from Ghent University, after obtaining the degree of Master of Science in Computer Science Engineering in 2014 at the same university.

My interests are in the scope of the Semantic Web. More specific, my PhD research focused on improving the effectiveness of the creation and execution of knowledge graph generation rules. I contributed to more than 25 publications, including papers at international conferences and articles in international journals. Furthermore, I'm keen on deploying Semantic Web technologies in my own side projects, such as the websites that I develop and the datasets that I publish. Don't hesitate to have a look at my publications and the technologies I help developing if you want to learn more.

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