Automated extraction of rules and knowledge from risk analyses: a ventilation unit demo

Bram Steenwinckel , , Dieter De Paepe , Olivier Janssens , Sander Vanden Hautte , , Filip De Turck , Sofie Van Hoecke , Femke Ongenae
In Proceedings of the 17th ISWC: Posters and Demos (2018)

Assessing upfront the risks, causes and effects of failures, is an important aspect of system manufacturing. Nowadays, this analysis is performed by a large number of people with different expertise and captured in various documents. To enable semantic unifcation and easy operationalization of these risk analyses, this paper demonstrates an approach to automatically map the captured information into an ontology and accompanying rules. The approach is demonstrated with a use case to identify anomalies and their causes within a ventilation unit.