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Towards a Uniform User Interface for Editing Mapping Definitions

In Proceedings of the 4th Workshop on Intelligent Exploration of Semantic Data (2015)

Modeling domain knowledge as Linked Data is not straightforward for data publishers, because they are domain experts and not Semantic Web specialists. Most approaches that map data to its semantic representation still require users to have knowledge of the underlying implementations, as the mapping definitions remained, so far, tight to their execution. Defining mapping languages enables to decouple the mapping definitions from the implementation that executes them. However, user interfaces that enable domain experts to model knowledge and, thus, intuitively define such mapping definitions, based on available input sources, were not thoroughly investigated yet. This paper introduces a non-exhaustive list of desired features to be supported by such a mapping editor, independently of the underlying mapping language; and presents the rmleditor as prototype interface that implements these features with RML as its underlying mapping language.