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Linked Data-enabled Gamification in EPUB 3 for Educational Digital Textbooks

In Proceedings of the 10th European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning (2015)

Interest in eLearning environments is increasing, as well as in digital textbooks and gamification. The advantages of gamification in the context of education have been proven. However, gamified educational material, such as gamified digital textbooks and systems, are scarce. As an answer to the need for such material, the framework GEL (Gamification for EPUB using Linked Data) has been developed. GEL allows to incorporate gamification concepts in a digital textbook, using EPUB 3 and Linked Data. As part of GEL, we created the ontology Gamification Ontology (GO), representing the different gamification concepts, and a JavaScript library. Using GO allows to discover other gamified books, to share gamification concepts between applications and to separate the processing and representation of the gamification concepts.