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SAD Generator: eating our own dog food to generate KGs and websites for academic events

David Chaves-FragaPiyatna FreddyJuan Sequeda
In Proceedings of the 16th ESWC: Posters and Demos (2019)

Nowadays, a website is used to disseminate information about an event (e.g., location, dates, time). In the academic world, it is common to develop a website for an event, such as workshops or conferences. Aligning with the "Web of data", its dissemination should also happen by publishing the information of the event as a knowledge graph, e.g., via RDF that is available through a SPARQL endpoint or a Triple Patterns Fragment server. However, the RDF generation and website development is not always straightforward and can be time-consuming. In this demo, we present the Semantic Academic-event Dissemination (SAD) Generator for generating RDF and websites for academic events. The generator allows to (i) annotate CSV files that contain academic event data and use the annotations to generate a knowledge graph and (ii) generate a website with the information for the event querying the knowledge graph. We used our generator to generate the RDF and website of a real workshop, the KGB workshop. It can be easily reused by organizers of other academic events by simply providing the event's information in CSV files.