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Parallel RDF generation from heterogeneous big data

Gerald HaesendonckWouter Maroy
In Proceedings of the International Workshop on Semantic Big Data (2019)

To unlock the value of increasingly available data in high volumes, we need flexible ways to integrate data across different sources. While semantic integration can be provided through RDF generation, current generators insufficiently scale in terms of volume. Generators are limited by memory constraints. Therefore, we developed the RMLStreamer, a generator that parallelizes the ingestionand mapping tasks of RDF generation across multiple instances. In this paper, we analyze what aspects are parallelizable and we introduce an approach for parallel RDF generation. We describe how we implemented our proposed approach, in the frame of the RMLStreamer, and how the resulting scaling behavior compares to other RDF generators. The RMLStreamer ingests data at 50% faster rate than existing generators through parallel ingestion