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What Factors Influence the Design of a Linked Data Generation Algorithm?

In Proceedings of the 11th Workshop on Linked Data on the Web (2018)

Generating Linked Data remains a complicated and intensive engineering process. While different factors determine how a Linked Data generation algorithm is designed, potential alternatives for each factor are currently not considered when designing the tools' underlying algorithms. Certain design patterns are frequently applied across different tools, covering certain alternatives of a few of these factors, whereas other alternatives are never explored. Consequently, there are no adequate tools for Linked Data generation for certain occasions, or tools with inadequate and inefficient algorithms are chosen. In this position paper, we determine such factors, based on our experiences, and present a preliminary list. These factors could be considered when a Linked Data generation algorithm is designed or a tool is chosen. We investigated which factors are covered by widely known Linked Data generation tools and concluded that only certain design patterns are frequently encountered. By these means, we aim to point out that Linked Data generation is above and beyond bare implementations, and algorithms need to be thoroughly and systematically studied and exploited.